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Basic Home Décor Pieces You Can Buy Online

Buying home décor or furnishing is a huge investment. Hence, a lot of homeowners prefer to buy directly from local home décor shops so they can inspect it physically. But not everyone has the time to visit décor shops to do their shopping for furnishings and home décor accents. If you want to buy home decor online but want to stick with the basic pieces, you can. There are several online stores specializing in accents and accessories for your home.

Below is a guide on some of the home décor basics that you can get if you want to order home decor online:


You can buy designer lighting, light fittings and fixtures from an online store in Australia. This is easy to buy because all you have to do is check out the design or style and the specifications in use. Make sure you choose a website that specializes in lighting accents, though, so you can yield plenty of options during your search. The right lighting fixture can add a sense of charm or sophistication into your living space. In addition, it also provides a functional purpose making it an even better investment. If you can find energy-saving options, go for them so you can cut back on your energy use.


The addition of soft furnishings such as cushions, throw pillows, and rugs can provide a complementing effect to your overall interior décor. When you buy home decor online, do not miss out on these furnishings as the little details can make the décor concept work together in harmony. You can choose color or style based on the main design theme of your home. That way, it will be easy to throw them into your furniture for accent. Aside from the color, consider the texture and fabric of the items you are buying.

Décor Accessories

These accessories infuse more drama or accent to your living space. For example, you have an empty wall along the hallway; you can add a framed picture or wall art to provide a finishing touch to an empty space. There are several online stores that offer quality and unique wall art, so make sure to check them out. If you like making your own art pieces, have them framed and put them on the wall. You can work with an interior designer to determine what art pieces or accessories can be added into your home.

Window Treatments

When it comes to making over your home, the window is often the last area to consider. However, treating your windows with accents and blinds can add more to its function and aesthetic appeal. There are several online stores that offer custom fitting and window treatments to make your life easy.

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Importance of Lighting in Home decor

When it comes to home décor, there are several essential elements to look into if you want to achieve harmony in design. One of those elements that are often overlooked is lighting. And yet, lighting can make or break your home’s aesthetic vibe. It also goes beyond the aesthetic features of your home as proper lighting can affect mood and mental health – both of which are crucial elements in the process of decorating your home.

When shopping for designer lamps and fixtures for your home, you need to make three important considerations along the way. These three considerations include color management, functionality of lighting, and creating the illusion of space.

Color management is a crucial aspect to look into when buying designer lighting for your home. You can manipulate your lighting fixtures to add or subtract from the existing color of a room you are decorating. Needless to say, the lighting should enhance the beauty and space of the room. Lighting fixtures with darker colors can give a cramped up feeling to a room. Meanwhile, opting for lighter colors can do the exact opposite. You can therefore choose your type of lighting fixture based on the impact you would like to create with the overall home décor.

The other important factor to look into when buying fixtures from a designer lighting Australia company is direction of the lighting. You can buy fixtures that provide illumination for the entire room or specific areas only, such as the floor or walls. Track lighting, for instance, can be hung at a specific area of the home and manipulated to point at a specific direction. If you want to create more drama or effect with lighting at home, recessed lighting can do that as it emits vertical beams of light. Natural and man-made lights can have an impact on an interior space. This explains why a room with insufficient lighting can feel cramped or smaller than it is supposed to be. Other factors such as the arrangement of furniture within the room can also make a space feel and look smaller.

The most important role that lighting plays, aside from its aesthetic quality, is the ability to provide illumination inside your home. If your lighting fixtures are unable to serve that purpose, then you are simply wasting money and electricity in the process. There is a different type of lighting for specific areas of the home so you need to know what suitable type of lighting is for each purpose. Chandeliers are great for providing illumination on open foyers or large spaces, while wall lights provide light into corridors and hallways.

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