Halo House contemporary design

This architectural piece is called the Halo House because after nightfall, it’s ringed by a hover of light. Not only does it glow from the inside, but the outside walls are washed by light from overhanging beams.

It was designed specifically for this 3-acre site, roughly 50 feet back from the Huron River as it winds through Superior Township, north of Ypsilanti. It’s a stretch of river with few homes and slim water traffic, and abundant birds and wildlife.

During the day, the south and west sides of the house may remind you of the renowned Philip Johnson Glass House in Connecticut. It’s the way the wide landscape sweeps in through one glass divider and out the other side. The house is priced at $995,000.

Inside, the design is open and contemporary, distinguished by fine carpentry. The woodworking contrasts unstained cherry against unstained maple for built-ins that echo Arts and Crafts work. The sculptural staircase is a prime example. It’s wrapped in skirting of the darker cherry and has solid cherry treads. Pale maple is used for the side balustrades and handrails. Its simple shape is a focal point.

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