5 Tips And Tricks To Keep That New Car Smell

This year, car-buying Australians have many revamps of their favorite models to look forward to if they wish to buy a new car through many assisted options such as finance Peugeot Brisbane dealers offer. From large family sedans to small cars, interiors are getting more spacious with the consumers’ need for more space.

Speaking of interiors, keeping that smell of the new car, especially with children and pets, becomes a nightmare. The following tips might help you keep your interiors smelling fresh, long after you have made your new four-wheeled purchase, whether new or second hand, like used Peugeot Brisbane dealers sell.

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Avoid Dangling Air Fresheners

You may have seen those Christmas tree looking cardboard cutouts that promise ‘new car smell’ and can be found at your local gas station next to the beef jerky. These may work for all of five minutes till a chemical after taste hits your olfactory senses. If your car had an odor before, or you purchased a new one from your local finance Peugeot Brisbane dealer, the chemical air freshener will overpower your car’s natural interior smell. Sprays are equally dangerous to keep in a car since aerosols have always been known to be flammable. Not a wise choice on your pursuit of keeping your new car like the Peugeot 4008 Brisbane dealers sell, fresh and safe.

Clean Your Car

Cleaning your car should not be restricted to just the exterior, or relying on your local car wash to rapidly vacuum and spray. Taking pride in your car’s interior whether used or new like the Peugeot RCZ Coupe Brisbane dealers sell, should be a matter of pride, no matter how busy your schedule is. Always dispose of remnants of edible items and keep a portable handheld vacuum to suck up crumbs your children may have left. If you have pets, ask your local car dealers like finance Peugeot Brisbane dealers, at the time of purchase to provide you with seat covers that will protect your interiors from dog hair and other accidents like car sickness.

Utilize A Sunny Day

Mark one Sunday or a day of your choosing when you do not have work and make sure it is hot and sunny outside. Cleaning your interiors when it is sunny kills germs or bacteria that might be trapped in your car interiors because of air-conditioning or heating. Once the air in your car is circulated, your nose will notice a drastic difference.

The Dark Corners

Checking under seats is tedious no matter how limber you may be. Also, the space between seats can always land you with a jammed finger, scrapes from metal or plastic and you never know what you might pull out. However, in order to make sure your car is clean, these dark spaces are where abandoned coffee cups and empty wrappers may be attracting germs. Coffee holders can often get sticky from residue that you may not notice while drinking and sipping on your work commute beverage and should be wiped clean with a surface cleaner of your choice.

Fabric & Interior Lining

Lastly, the upholstery in your car, whether it is leather or polyester, and the plastic on your dashboard or wooden accents, all should be cleaned with the correct solutions. Every car has its own ‘clean car smell’ that comes naturally from the materials used in its interiors. After you have cleaned your car, roll up the windows, close the doors and let it settle.

Replicating a clean car smell is a bit of work, but it will save you and your passengers from scrunching your nose every time you enter your car. For more ideas for new cars, you can check online or visit sites like

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