5 Important Tips For Road Trips With Your Dog

With the 2017 Australian Federal Budget reportedly released only a few hours ago, drivers now have safer roads and look forward to an $844 million highway upgrade, from Pine Rivers to Caloundra. For Aussie drivers, this should be enough to indulge in mouthwatering sales of new cars Brisbane dealers offer, pack the pooch and go on a road trip. The following tips will make travelling with your pet an enjoyable getaway for you both.

Harness, Collar & ID Tag

You may trust your four-legged best friend unconditionally at home, but being on the road or trekking through the outback or rainforest without a lead or ID tag is extremely irresponsible. Since Australia is still home to natural predators, you need to keep your dog on a leash whenever you step out of the car with them. Also, while out and about with any of your new cars Brisbane dealers sell, you need to be sensitive to other travelers’ comfort levels at rest stops, recreational areas or camp sites.

What To Pack

Before you zoom off with your pet in any of your new cars Brisbane dealers sell, make a checklist of compulsory items you have to take for him or her. Make sure your car, like a used mirage Brisbane vehicle has space to carry your pet’s water supply, dog food, which can be individually packed in Ziploc bags to help you with the correct servings they need as well as their bowls, shampoo, toys, and both blankets and old washcloths.

Crates For Safety

If your car, like the new lancer Brisbane dealers sell permits you to take your pet’s crate, you should definitely consider adding it to your checklist. If this is the first time you are taking your dog on a road trip, they may feel more secure inside their crate, rather than bouncing around in the backseat. Assuming the size of your dog is not a limiting factor, you can place the crate in the back seat or at the back in your SUV with the proper amount of ventilation and shade for your pet. In case you have a large breed dog, make sure you utilize special safety harnesses that can be attached to common car seat belts, like in a new triton Brisbane dealers sell, or other means of making sure they are secure in the back seat.

Frequent Stops

A road trip through the scenic outback would not be complete with frequent stops to stretch your legs and enjoy your surroundings. The same applies to your pet. Make the journey comfortable for your dog by taking them for short walks throughout the day while you are on the road to make sure they are getting their required amount of circulation and relief.

Check With Their Vet

Before you head off on your adventure with your furry friend, always check with their vet if your pet is in optimum condition for a road trip. In case of car sickness, the vet can also administer a mild sedative that will keep your pet calm yet awake through your journey.

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