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5 Important Tips For Road Trips With Your Dog

With the 2017 Australian Federal Budget reportedly released only a few hours ago, drivers now have safer roads and look forward to an $844 million highway upgrade, from Pine Rivers to Caloundra. For Aussie drivers, this should be enough to indulge in mouthwatering sales of new cars Brisbane dealers offer, pack the pooch and go on a road trip. The following tips will make travelling with your pet an enjoyable getaway for you both.

Harness, Collar & ID Tag

You may trust your four-legged best friend unconditionally at home, but being on the road or trekking through the outback or rainforest without a lead or ID tag is extremely irresponsible. Since Australia is still home to natural predators, you need to keep your dog on a leash whenever you step out of the car with them. Also, while out and about with any of your new cars Brisbane dealers sell, you need to be sensitive to other travelers’ comfort levels at rest stops, recreational areas or camp sites.

What To Pack

Before you zoom off with your pet in any of your new cars Brisbane dealers sell, make a checklist of compulsory items you have to take for him or her. Make sure your car, like a used mirage Brisbane vehicle has space to carry your pet’s water supply, dog food, which can be individually packed in Ziploc bags to help you with the correct servings they need as well as their bowls, shampoo, toys, and both blankets and old washcloths.

Crates For Safety

If your car, like the new lancer Brisbane dealers sell permits you to take your pet’s crate, you should definitely consider adding it to your checklist. If this is the first time you are taking your dog on a road trip, they may feel more secure inside their crate, rather than bouncing around in the backseat. Assuming the size of your dog is not a limiting factor, you can place the crate in the back seat or at the back in your SUV with the proper amount of ventilation and shade for your pet. In case you have a large breed dog, make sure you utilize special safety harnesses that can be attached to common car seat belts, like in a new triton Brisbane dealers sell, or other means of making sure they are secure in the back seat.

Frequent Stops

A road trip through the scenic outback would not be complete with frequent stops to stretch your legs and enjoy your surroundings. The same applies to your pet. Make the journey comfortable for your dog by taking them for short walks throughout the day while you are on the road to make sure they are getting their required amount of circulation and relief.

Check With Their Vet

Before you head off on your adventure with your furry friend, always check with their vet if your pet is in optimum condition for a road trip. In case of car sickness, the vet can also administer a mild sedative that will keep your pet calm yet awake through your journey.

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Brisbane Jeep Dealer – Multiple Car Dealerships in One Place

The statistics on vehicle ownership among the residents of Greater Brisbane are quite revealing. According to this, while across Australia, around 50% of the households own 2 vehicles or above; the figure for Greater Brisbane is 52%. Even in the single car ownership homes greater Brisbane seems to score marginally better than the national average of around 85%. No wonder the automobile dealership in the country clocks a turnover of $64billion each year. A Brisbane jeep dealer who is able to offer multiple brands under one roof enjoys a huge advantage over single brand dealerships. Irrespective of how popular the car maker is, the last mile connectivity with the customer is always through the dealer.

Dealer Brings on a Personal Touch

Within every business, some people succeed while others fall by the side. The major reason for this is the kind of personal rapport the business owner is able to establish with those in the community. In the car dealership business, for example, many times they may not be the dealer’s customers yet, but still when he or she bumps into someone at a car park or a movie theatre or even at the Sunday church, just exchanging pleasantries and making introductions come quite handy. In the automobile business, a lot hangs on the trust the customer places on the Brisbane City Automotive and their executives. This kind of familiarity helps in creating that trust and the bond.

Multiple Cars at the Same Dealership

This can cut both ways. When many top brands like Skoda, Chrysler and Citroen cars can be sourced from the same dealer, how does the dealer recommend a particular model or brand to you? It is quite tough. But the dealers operate very dispassionately. The Brisbane Skoda dealer will have separate executives for each brand. They will meet you and explain the cars’ features. It is also true that many customers already come to the Brisbane jeep dealer with an idea of buying a particular model or brand. That makes the job of the dealer easier. Within a particular brand, if you wish to know the difference between the models or with a model the variations in the trims, these can be explained by the executive.

Guarantee and After Sales Service

Again, quite unique to the passenger car business is the perception the car owners carry about the manufacturers and their dealers, which is quite important. The Citroen cars Brisbane dealers sell can add to the company’s reputation by providing some excellent service of the cars sold through their dealership. Again it works at 2 levels; one is the actual technical work done on the cars and how the customer feels while driving out after a service. The other is the personal attention the customer receives at the dealership whenever he or she reaches for leaving the car for service. The courtesy displayed by the Brisbane jeep dealer, timely delivery of the vehicle, not charging anything more than the stipulated jobs and the rates agreed and so on. All these add up in the perception of the customer and have an impact on the long term sales achieved by the company.

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Save Money When Buying a Car With a Broker

Getting your own vehicle in today’s society is fast becoming a necessity rather than just a mere luxury. For those aspiring auto owners, a car broker is proving to be a useful tool to find a great deal. A few years ago, the thought of a professional car-buying agent might be something that consumers are completely adamant to try. The tides have changed now since the services of professionals such as National Car Broker - Drive Car that Australia has to offer are the go-to option for buyers, especially first-time buyers, to save money on the purchase.


Is a Car Broker Necessary?


National Car Broker - Drive CarBefore you decide to use a professional from National Car Broker – Drive Car, or some other auto broker service in Australia, you need to determine if it is actually necessary to do so. The need for a car broker depends on your current buying situation. You can definitely use their service whether you are buying a new or used car. When you are not knowledgeable about the finer details associated with a car purchase, you need to use a broker. The same also goes for those who do not know how to negotiate with dealers but want to get a good deal that would fit your budget.


The cost is the final consideration before you hire a car broker. Since you are using their professional service, you have to take the cost of hiring their service into account. You need to make sure that the investment on their professional fees would be adequate enough to cover any savings you can make.


Saving Money with a Broker


There are two benefits that auto brokers can bring into your car buying experience: knowledge and negotiation skills. These two factors are crucial in helping you save money. Auto brokers know the in’s and out’s of car dealerships. They know when car dealers are trying to inflate prices in the hopes of increasing their profit. Using their negotiation skills, they can lower the offer price for a specific car model. Hence, you can save a lot of money on your vehicle purchase to make it fit more into your budget.


In addition, some auto brokers have worked in the industry for a long time. This experience will give them knowledge about manufacturer rebates, warranties and other extras. You can use the information available to them to your advantage so that you can wring the lowest price possible. On top of these, you can get practical tips on how to handle a car dealership. You can leverage the knowledge and experience of a broker so you won’t have to study how the entire process works. If you were to do it on your own, you would think that you have already found a deal. An auto broker can give you even better deals than you could imagine is even possible.


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5 Tips And Tricks To Keep That New Car Smell

This year, car-buying Australians have many revamps of their favorite models to look forward to if they wish to buy a new car through many assisted options such as finance Peugeot Brisbane dealers offer. From large family sedans to small cars, interiors are getting more spacious with the consumers’ need for more space.

Speaking of interiors, keeping that smell of the new car, especially with children and pets, becomes a nightmare. The following tips might help you keep your interiors smelling fresh, long after you have made your new four-wheeled purchase, whether new or second hand, like used Peugeot Brisbane dealers sell.

finance peugeot brisbane

Avoid Dangling Air Fresheners

You may have seen those Christmas tree looking cardboard cutouts that promise ‘new car smell’ and can be found at your local gas station next to the beef jerky. These may work for all of five minutes till a chemical after taste hits your olfactory senses. If your car had an odor before, or you purchased a new one from your local finance Peugeot Brisbane dealer, the chemical air freshener will overpower your car’s natural interior smell. Sprays are equally dangerous to keep in a car since aerosols have always been known to be flammable. Not a wise choice on your pursuit of keeping your new car like the Peugeot 4008 Brisbane dealers sell, fresh and safe.

Clean Your Car

Cleaning your car should not be restricted to just the exterior, or relying on your local car wash to rapidly vacuum and spray. Taking pride in your car’s interior whether used or new like the Peugeot RCZ Coupe Brisbane dealers sell, should be a matter of pride, no matter how busy your schedule is. Always dispose of remnants of edible items and keep a portable handheld vacuum to suck up crumbs your children may have left. If you have pets, ask your local car dealers like finance Peugeot Brisbane dealers, at the time of purchase to provide you with seat covers that will protect your interiors from dog hair and other accidents like car sickness.

Utilize A Sunny Day

Mark one Sunday or a day of your choosing when you do not have work and make sure it is hot and sunny outside. Cleaning your interiors when it is sunny kills germs or bacteria that might be trapped in your car interiors because of air-conditioning or heating. Once the air in your car is circulated, your nose will notice a drastic difference.

The Dark Corners

Checking under seats is tedious no matter how limber you may be. Also, the space between seats can always land you with a jammed finger, scrapes from metal or plastic and you never know what you might pull out. However, in order to make sure your car is clean, these dark spaces are where abandoned coffee cups and empty wrappers may be attracting germs. Coffee holders can often get sticky from residue that you may not notice while drinking and sipping on your work commute beverage and should be wiped clean with a surface cleaner of your choice.

Fabric & Interior Lining

Lastly, the upholstery in your car, whether it is leather or polyester, and the plastic on your dashboard or wooden accents, all should be cleaned with the correct solutions. Every car has its own ‘clean car smell’ that comes naturally from the materials used in its interiors. After you have cleaned your car, roll up the windows, close the doors and let it settle.

Replicating a clean car smell is a bit of work, but it will save you and your passengers from scrunching your nose every time you enter your car. For more ideas for new cars, you can check online or visit sites like